Prayer Circle

Our Prayer Circle meets Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am for prayer and bible study.  We welcome any one to come join us!


Please keep these listed in your thoughs and prayers, and also remember our loved ones in the Personal Care Homes and all service personnel. 


Angel List:

Mackayla Evans, Mason Barto, Abbirella Brown, Shawn Mastrantonio, Deb Mathers, Caiden Irvine, Ashley Weed, Ben Kopetan, James Killian

Current List:

Doug Moore, Bob Petrowski, Our Country, Howard Gueather, Kelly McNally, Larry Johnson, Dawn Morgan, Jean Phillips, Lynn Williams, Bernice Markish, Katie Felt, Peggy Putnam, Dennis Wilbur, Tom Johnson, Janice Vanderpool, Lisa Seymour, David Bomboy, Clayton Mount, Tom Niuman, Brandy Smith, Tom Nielson, Dick Edwards, Thomas Schmeckenbecker, Rev. Rachel Stahle, Laura Benjamin, Donna Brown, Louie Maryott, Ed Long, Bill Fulkerson, Cheryl Rowlands,Connie Shrimp Green, Justin Wissinger, Ashton Kratz, Mary Breese, Phyllis Mulcahy, Joyce Danielski, Rusty Eddy, Ariah Cook family, Bob Barrett family

Please Note:  All names on the current list will be on for four weeks and then taken off unless otherwise requested to be left on. 


To submit a prayer request:  Please contact the church office or send an e-mail through the website.