Grace Connection

Grace Connection is continuing to see families who need home heating and utility assistance.  As you know, it is not cheap to fill a fuel tank.  Cooler temperatures have arrived, and it is not warm enough for a family to go without heat and electricity. 

You can help!  Grace Connection's funds for helping these people are starting to run low.  As followers of Christ, we care about the poor and the vulnerable.  Will you join us in helping out your neighbors?  Any amount will help as we try to keep homes warm through the Christmas season.  Please prayerfully consider making a contribution today! 

Grace Connection gives aid to those with emergency fuel, rent, electric, and water needs.  We also give food and gas vouchers, and put up homeless people for two nights at a local motel.  (We DO NOT give money to the indiidual directly.  All money goes to the vendor.)  In Februray, for example, 65 clients passed through our doors. At the rat we are seeing clients now, we will see well over 600 at year's end provided that churches and individuals continue their generous giving. 

How can you help?  You can send us a donation at Grace Connection, P. O. Box 122, Towanda, PA 18848; or your church can hold a special fund raiser for Grace Connection. 


God has been gracious to us and provided the money to give to those in need through donations from churches, individuals and businesses.  Our board is making this special plea to all the churches in the Towanda, Wyalusing and Northeast Bradford area:  please help us help those in need!