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Elders for the Month: Mark & Deb King

Prepare for Next Week: Jeremiah 11: 18-20; James 3:13-4:3, 7-8a

Sunday School:  Welcome back to our Sunday School kids!  We missed you and are looking forward to another exciting year of learning about Jesus!  Haven't come seen what all the excitement is about?  Or, missed the first day?  Come join us - you'll catch up and fit in easily!  

September Mission:  Our mission is to create Sensory boxes for the Pennsylvania State Police in Towanda.  We are looking for monetary donations.  Our goal is to have a box in every patrol car in Towanda.  That will mean creating 19 boxes.  A bit about sensory boxes:  Our boxes will be filled with different sensory object which can bee utilized for children or adults with sensory processing disorder, attention disorders, etc.  Sensory boxes are ment to be a vaulable resource for officers.  When on a call or a traffic stop, they will have the necessary items to help calm frightened individuals.  The mision is close to our hearts, and we are hopful you can help us make it a success!  

Volunteers Needed:  We're looking for some volunteers for substitutes for our Sunday School class.  All volunteers need to have state clearances.  If you're interested to help us out, please let us know and we'll get you in touch with the ones that can make that happen.  






Baptist Press September 17 

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